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Ford came up with an unusual way to increase sales

Ford придумала необычный способ увеличения продажFord has figured out how to increase profits.

In “Ford” consider, how else can you attract to his car a young audience. Somehow the option “reduce prices” is not passed, so I decided to create a semi-sports cars under the trademark ST-Line, Newsmir reports, citing its own sources.

Marketers see such cars as an intermediate between the standard cars and truly sporty ST versions. Half in the middle, so to speak. In the end, you’ll see the same “Fiesta” and “Focus”, just slightly more sporty and aggressive. In particular, it will be lowered, and will also change the design of the cabin with the obligatory and Alcantara sports bucket seats. ST-Line can be distinguished according to other 17-inch wheels, body kit and roof spoiler.

In Europe Fiesta ST-Line available litre turbo engine from 100 to 140 HP, and a 95-horsepower diesel 1.5. Under the hood Focus ST-Line – petrol turbo engines with a volume of 1.0 or 1.5 liters (from 125 to 182 HP) and diesel 1.5-liter capacity 120 HP

In General, the proposal looks quite interesting – indeed, why not save on expensive settings and the engine and not create a semi-sports car? You see, they get the bug and change to more expensive options.

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