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Five unexpected reasons preventing to lose weight

 Пять неожиданных причин, мешающих сбросить весThe main reason why to lose weight.

You sat on a diet to lose weight for the summer. Eat more vegetables and fruit, stopped snacking, regularly run, but the weight is not reduced.

You eat to exercise

When you increase physical activity, and in parallel increases the appetite because the body wants to compensate for energy costs. But if you consume food with more calories than you burn, you hope for weight loss is not worth it. In addition, as shown by a study conducted by American scientists and published in 2016 in the journal Current Biology, the body is able to adapt to high levels of physical activity and at some point cease to burn as many calories as before. That’s why people, daily sweat training in the gym or running many miles, suddenly I notice that after a few months of their labors, the weight ceases to decline, “plateaus”.

Continue to go out for a jog and going to the gym, but carefully watch the calorie intake, in no case do not try to recoup their costs of ice cream or a donut.

You start the day with a sweet

As recalled by the Huffington Post, corn flakes, sweet coffee, sweet roll — all those yummy things just make meaningless diet for the rest of the day. Carbs for Breakfast means that you are not getting at the start of the day is much more useful in your case the substance — proteins. Numerous studies show that full protein Breakfast helps to lose weight and to keep from overeating during the day.

For Breakfast choose foods rich in proteins and fats, not carbohydrates.

Fats and proteins also have a minimal impact on blood sugar and insulin, which are precisely the indicators, which increase in the morning is highly undesirable. Oatmeal, toast with jam or sweet cottage cheese is better to replace eggs or low-fat yogurt with nuts and berries.

You are starving

To be hungry is to feel uncomfortable. Most people hardly withstands diets, restricting food and the constant feeling of hunger. If you constantly feel hungry, you will not lose weight.

Studies have shown that in the “starvation discomfort”, including the characteristic spasm in the stomach, guilty of the specific neurons involved in the energy deficit and forcing the person to urgently seek food. And of course, eat it. The lower your weight is, the stronger these signals are, the more painful to endure hunger pains and, accordingly, the more the desire is there. Thus, the body’s need for calories is stronger than the desire to get into skinny jeans.

Don’t let yourself to starve. Only snacks should be useful.

Because hunger is not just a feeling, this condition has a neurological aspect, it is necessary to fool the body so that he didn’t suffer. First, do not eat unless you feel hungry.

Another, less obvious strategy is a diet rich in fats and proteins. In addition, do not be distracted while eating, then you can just feel that ate. Another recommendation — drink more water and other low-calorie drinks, and try to eat well fills the stomach, but low-calorie foods, such as meals from cruciferous vegetables.

Do not wait until an acute sense of hunger. Once you have the idea that “it would be nice to juice up a bit”, and act.

And remember that limiting food seven days a week — not the same that the method is “intermittent fasting” when the body sinks into a state of hunger for two days a week. This method of weight loss is very effective due to the fact that the brain “reboots”, and the person ceases to experience bouts of overeating.

You don’t pay attention to the stress

When stress increases levels of the hormone cortisol, and also emits butatriene protein, which inhibits the process of digestion of fat in the body. This means that instead of having to burn fat, you begin to store.

If you want to lose weight, learn to cope with stress — in this state the body stores fat.

Studies have shown that at high levels the “stress hormone” cortisol belly fat start to accumulate even people with normal weight. Another severe consequence of chronic stress is sleep disturbance. This means that no longer function as hormones ghrelin and leptin, that affect the digestion of food, you constantly feel hungry and can’t eat.

If you want to lose weight, you definitely need to cope with stress. It can be anything — meditation, yoga, picture coloring or psychotherapy.

You do not refuse alcohol

Moderate alcohol consumption is known to useful, but not for those who want to lose weight. A glass of red wine will provide you with 120 calories, a can of beer is 150 calories, a shot of vodka is 100 calories, not to mention the cocktails. It would seem that a bit, but it is likely that you will exceed these doses, and calories will be more. And then the alcohol will start to operate, and you want something that does not fit into your diet such as pizza or Burger.

So do not lie to yourself, saying that “the alcohol gets along with my diet.” Limit yourself to one or two servings of alcohol a week. This can be a glass of wine or a beer or two, but no more.

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