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Fishing below the dam

As soon as the arrival in the river of melt water, from this moment until the end of spring tide different fish migration occurs in search of the most comfortable and safe habitat, and plots of the upcoming spawn. Also the course fish on the river sometimes in the summer, when suddenly it happens a prolonged period of heavy rains, which causes a significant level rise and increased flow.

In populated areas many rivers and streams for household purposes is covered by dams of different types, which of course then stops the course of the fish and significantly increases its concentration on a limited adplatinum area. But the fish there is a natural reason to come close to artificial hydrotechnical construction. The fact that the rapid development of the postponed caviar very important high content of dissolved oxygen in the water, and that to the greatest extent implemented under the dams when the flow of water falling from a great height, seething, foaming, and to limit saturated with gases. In the bubbly jets fish is kept not everywhere, but selects those areas where the flow is noticeably weaker, and where deposited feed and the eggs have a better chance of safety in case of rapid rise of water due to frequent spring and early summer heavy rains.

When in the river a lot of water and the current was strong, the angler is very difficult to find a suitable place for fishing is permitted by the rules of a float or on a light ground with a pair of hooks. But under the dam, where the flow after draining widely spread across the floodplains, before falling off the pipe between the high banks, the choice of conditions for fishing are much more diverse. Also below the dam, where after draining the river continues its path, the water, settled a bit at the top, falls down not very clouded here and there suitable to take a breath and wash away parasites of different fish from the lower parts of the river.

Of course, if the dam is far away or there is no fish, at high water with strong current the fish settles and accumulates also in mudah, and on broad reaches and tight bends of the riverbed, where the water swirls and slows down. Here also can be successful fishing in the narrow coastal strip with a short maneuver the rod when the length of the wiring can be only a meter or two, it should carefully masked to get away from the water’s edge, walking quietly, not stomp, to drive away idle observers, seldom stand up.

Until the water warmed up and you haven’t even began to spawn different fish below the dam best bite on bloodworms or caddis. But with a noticeable warm-up water, what I will say of the emergence of young aquatic vegetation, large fish, especially roach, often begins even better for plant tips, the results of the fishing improves strongly skillful and moderate application of bait.

Here it should be noted, probably the main point: in the spring the river is not so terrible “underfeeding” of the fish, as her obvious “overfeeding”. Inexperienced anglers even with a perfect “working” the bait is often completely deprived of the biting roaches, when you sit down on the banks close to each other and seek a plentiful and frequent supply of water in the bait to “pull” as many fish as possible on yourself. In the end, does not catch anybody. In this situation only one way out — to get away from everyone, to find a promising “comfort” near the river flow, throw in a point deduction snap a hefty dose of bait, wait for the approach of fish and start a sustainable fish and not to feed, until the fish will not depart itself. And then, as the experience of spring fishing on rivers, and dams in particular, where the concentration of fish is greatest, repeated grazing is somehow restore the old fish does not — it is better to do again the search of a new place and everything is repeated.

A difficult fishing technique, for example, roach in the wiring in the narrow “good” areas of flow under dams. In the case of this quick on the catch and “fingered” fish so fishing becomes a real school of skill, and not everyone here passes the “exams”. Back in the old days on this occasion said: “Skilled — roach, inept — grass!” But the grass sort of catchy hook from the bottom, and mounting of descent to tackle, especially for the flow, one of the most important components of success. It happens that only some centimetres depth on the line measured incorrectly and the fish absolutely does not take, and the neighbor nearby drags and drags water from heavy spring plotvits. The point is that even if the wiring hook only here and there he strikes the bottom, it does not mean that the tackle is built “under the bottom”. To set the descent should not be under the entire length of the wiring in General, but only under the local place where most is roaches. This is usually a small pit, the quiet zone behind the transverse bottom ledge or hill, submerged driftwood, or stone and other fish-convenient for Parking the topography of the river bed.

In addition to the classic float fishing with a dull snap beneath the dams on medium to small rivers, where it seems to be foamy and noisy flow rejects even the thought of the possibility of any fishing in the wiring, still is able to catch large roach, IDE, Chub in any other way. When the float rod a little sense, a very effective and profitable to use the equipment of the bottom of the posting, called fishing “on pokatok”. In this case, the line thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm is equipped with end ball sinker with such a carefully chosen weight to after casting snap to the stream for could only slowly drag along the bottom, sometimes delaying the irregularities.

Typically use one leash length to a meter with a fairly large hook that is tied directly to the eyelet sinkers, tackle is thrown or picerni special feeder rod with a suitable signal tip. In the provision of high-quality spinning reel medium power. As bait for larger fish give the best results worms and large Nightcrawlers impaled on the hook as a whole, as they say, “accordion” with the introduction of the sting out. This large and durable worm can withstand several bites, it is almost ripping the thing. If the extraction of worms will come across a large white larvae-glands of various beetles, they also need to collect and try to catch them in a specified way by ground.

And yet, no matter how profitable fishing directly below the dam, we should not forget about the rules that allow catch is not closer than a certain distance from the hydraulic structure of this kind. But skilled, non-greedy angler will be enough fish to enjoy her bites, if he gets away from the dam at the put distance, and the noise of falling water is better to keep a respectful distance — the monotonous low frequency sound depressing effect on the body, like fishing under a high voltage line.

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