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Fans shocked by the condition of the hair Pamela Anderson

Поклонники шокированы состоянием волос Памелы АндерсонPamela Anderson spoiled hair.

The paparazzi photographed the moment when the star of the TV series “Baywatch” has left the building one of the famous private clinics.

Made by photo reporters, experts have determined that the 48-year-old celebrity suffers from the lack of vitamins in the hair.

From the photo it becomes clear that the appearance informed a luxurious head of hair makes a lot to be desired, because the hair color became dull, they look like flowers that are not watered in hot weather, lifeless and dry. Experts say that despite its age, should continue to appeal to stylists, or in their 50s it after 2 years can look at all 70.

Fans also suggest the actress to buckle down and put in order, otherwise the idol of thousands of people may lose their audience of fans for the crowd of disappointed people. The model finds that look attractive at any age and for example led his mother, who at eighty years sometimes looks more voluptuous than her daughter.

As noted by Anderson, old age – not the end of the world and should not be depressed about it, and those fans who loved her for her actions, and not just for looks, stay with her.

Поклонники шокированы состоянием волос Памелы Андерсон

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