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Experts named the most popular car in the world

Эксперты назвали самый популярный в мире автомобильThe most popular car in the world recognized by the Japanese Toyota Corolla.

As you know, a news publication every month update their ratings of the most popular cars in different countries.

On the eve it became known, what is available on the international market of vehicles can be considered the most popular in the world.

The most popular model of all that ever was produced, the experts recognized the Toyota Corolla. For all time, it sold over 40 million copies of this model. Official statistics suggests that last year sales amounted to just over 1 million 340 thousand vehicles.

The closest competitor to the famous “Japanese” is its American “rival” – F. Ford During the vehicle production managed to realize a little over 35 million units.

Followed by the German Volkswagen Golf, sales of which had exceeded 30 million. Despite the “diesel scandal” in the center of which was the company, the sale at the moment stabiliziruemost, and in some regions, and even begin to grow.

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