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Eugenia Vlasova disappointed his fans

Евгения Власова огорчила своих фанатовThe singer decided to take time out and understand what she wants to do in the future.

A few years ago, Eugenia Vlasova already disappeared from the world of show business, then she bravely passed all tests, which presented her with the most terrible disease — cancer. After the singer recovered from cancer, she returned to the stage and continued to give their fans a pleasant emotion and an incredibly beautiful song.

Suddenly, unexpectedly Eugenia wrote on Facebook: “I have long wanted to say what I want to do a creative break! Think you are right to say this to those who love me and my creativity…) The worst thing to decide to afford to do IT! In my life there are many obstacles of ill-wishers and enemies… Really don’t know what kind of soup I make a….) Sorry the song words can not erase! Yes, except that enough points, who knows he will understand! All 22 years of my stage activities YOU have been my strength and stay it!Here is the truth, now I want to know in what capacity then I want to live… And most importantly what music to do! I am so grateful for all the warmth you warmed these years! I say Thank YOU!❤ it’s amazing I do not say goodbye… I say goodbye…)”.

Fans Vlasova does not hide his disappointment about what they wrote in the comments under this statement of the singer.

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