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Established the identity of the murderer of singer Christina Grimmie

Установлена личность убийцы певицы Кристины ГриммиPolice said that the killer planned the crime and hoped that he would go unpunished.

June 11, after a concert in Orlando, USA, singer Christina Grimmie shot the man. After he tried to disarm the brother of the girl, the assailant shot himself.

The police announced the killer’s name Christina Grimmie. 27-year-old resident of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA, Kevin James Loibl (Kevin James Loibl) before the tragedy did not threaten the singer through social networks. Judging by the results of a search of his home, the man was ready to kill and was ready to go home after committing the crime.

This behavior suggests that Kevin was hoping to avoid responsibility for what happened. Family Loibl posted on the door of his home in St. Petersburg’s press and now makes no comment.

Deepest condolences on the loss of family, friends and fans a very talented and loving Christina Grimmie. No more comments,“ – wrote members of the family of Kevin the message.

The Network also got a video of the last concert of Christina Grimmie. The girl was in good spirits, and the hall is very actively supported it.

Josh Call Josh Call), who worked near the crime scene heard four or five shots and ran into the room where Christine held an autograph session. He saw that the girl was lying on the floor with a head wound, there was blood, and someone gave her CPR.

He also said that he saw a newcomer. It was the killer who committed suicide after he shot the girl. Kevin was lying face down, and everywhere there was blood.

Установлена личность убийцы певицы Кристины Гримми

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