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Erdogan vs trump: the battle began

Эрдоган против Трампа: битва началась


Recently Turkish President Erdogan began to show inhuman zeal in the struggle to preserve his dictatorship. His action already affected journalists, pilots, soldiers, and ordinary citizens of Turkey, the Middle East and even around the world.

But progress is restless Erdogan is not trying to stop and everything continues to look for new victims.

This time the victim was a candidate for President of the United States Donald trump. And like you might think: what is the relationship between trump and Turkey? After all, the American billionaire does not touch the aggressive Turk, and certainly not is doing in his direction any action. But no. It was a lot easier…

In Istanbul there is a tower named Trump Tower. This business complex was built by the Turkish company Dogan Sirketler Grubu Holding AS in 2012. It consists of two towers of 37 and 39 floors. The complex was built as a franchise of a company owned by Donald Trump. At the time, Erdogan himself came to the opening of skyscrapers and very happy like a new object in his country.

However, the years go by, and the opinion of the people is changing. Currently, Erdogan urged to rename the building, as a citizen trump allows himself allegedly Islamophobic of showing.

From the point of view of Erdogan, trump has no tolerance for Muslims in America, and therefore his name should be promptly removed from one of the towers. Well, such actions of the Turkish leader I, frankly, reminded Poroshenko and his favorite law on decommunization.

Currently, only a few politicians engaged in such nonsense, distorting history and trying to convey to the citizens what is good and what is bad, instead of trying to solve real-life problems. I think that Erdogan is making a big mistake, for which in the future will certainly pay.

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