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Eight main enemies of healthy teeth

Восемь главных врагов здоровых зубовDoctors told about the main enemies of a beautiful smile.

White smile is a dream of everyone. But that the teeth remain healthy and strong, you need to properly care for the oral cavity, regularly going to the dentist, and is important to know what external factors destroy the enamel and hurt the gums. Some, quite harmless at first glance, habits bad for the teeth. How did we hurt your smile, without noticing it, told dentist private practice Dmitry Michurin and dentist, candidate of med. – Dmitry Makarenko.


Destructively on the teeth are food and drinks with a high acidity level — especially citrus and sour apples. From liquids the first place — sweet sodas: they have a lot of sugar and citric and phosphoric acid. They soften and literally eat the enamel, enabling sugar to be absorbed, which leads to tooth decay. Such is the impact of fresh juices and plain water with lemon may also improve sensitivity. Drinking large amounts of tea and coffee (5 cups a day) promotes the formation of dense pigmented plaque on the teeth. Sweet the most harmful ones that get stuck on teeth and long contact with the enamel (jelly candies). What to do? After an aggressive product or beverage, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or plain water, but in any case do not clean their teeth! Acids because the softened enamel is easily damaged under the action of abrasive substances. Try to drink sour through a straw — so contact with the teeth will be reduced.


Ignoring orthodontic problems (in particular, curvature and malocclusion) can lead to loss of teeth. For example, if they overlap each other, and later between them to accumulate plaque. It irritates the gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. Gradually periodontal tissues are destroyed, the teeth become loose and fall out. A malocclusion can lead to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (he “secures” the lower jaw to the skull). After all, the teeth should meet in a line, and the load when chewing is distributed on a certain surface. If you chew on one side, the joint begins to change. The result may be that your mouth will be open with difficulty, may appear constant headaches. The sooner you start to correct the flaws, the better. After all, studies show that a child from a mother with malocclusion will be born with the same or even greater pathology. But if the mother at the time fixed orthodontic problem, the baby will be completely healthy or with minor defect.


Folk remedies for teeth whitening is not only inefficient, but can cause irreparable harm. For example, salt and soda mercilessly enamel wash, and in the end produced chips, cracks and other defects. In addition to folk remedies, there is the concept of whitening teeth at home. It is done by using special whitening strips, gels, pencils that you can buy in pharmacies. But if you choose poor-quality product possible irreversible damage to tooth enamel. Another problem is that some people do not follow the rules of the home whitening and is recommended weeks gel is applied to the last month. This leads to problems with gums, tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

It is better to give preference to professional teeth whitening at the dentist or with select remedy for whitening teeth at home. Be sure to follow all doctor’s recommendation and use only professional whitening toothpaste.


Too hard toothbrush, abrasive toothpaste, brushing your teeth five times a day — is not the best way affects the enamel. While overzealous cleaning it becomes thinner and more convex places, such as the canines who are exposed to this the most, are gradually being erased. As a result, the teeth formed the so-called wedge-shaped defects. Suffer and gums — due to constant microtrauma increases the risk of infection and periodontitis (inflammation of periodontal tissues), which can lead to complete loss of teeth.

Ideally, brush your teeth twice a day, and if you wear the braces after each meal. The brush is better to choose medium hardness (medium), tendency to plaque formation is high (hard), and if bleeding gums — soft.


The habit of drinking an iced drink or hot food cocktail with ice can not only cause a sharp tooth pain, but also destroy the enamel. It cracks appear, which then lead to chipping and brittleness of teeth, their hypersensitivity. In addition, the temperature difference is harmful to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

What to do? Strictly refrain from eating hot foods together with cold, but if cracks and chips on teeth already formed, immediately contact your dentist to perform the procedure of remineralization (restoration of the mineral composition of the teeth and density of enamel), as well as restoration.


Habit to gnaw nails, and pencils and pens for a reason considered detrimental. If she pursues since childhood, often the child is formed malocclusion. Such it is with the finger sucking in childhood — the lower teeth are shifted to the tongue, and the top will begin to bulge outward. In addition, under the fingernails and on other items are many germs that can cause plaque. He, in turn, will affect the gum tissue and the enamel of the tooth, gradually destroying them. Also this habit can cause cracks and chipping, discomfort and pain in the joint. One solution is to get rid of it. Children can moisten the fingers in a salty solution to not pulling them into his mouth, and the girls also make beautiful manicure, it was a pity to ruin it.


Spoils our smile and bruxism — teeth grinding during sleep. In children it occurs due to helminthic parasites, and in adults often occurs due to problems with the nervous system: severe shocks, frequent stress and prolonged depression. Rarely the problem may cause dysfunction of the joint or increased muscle tone. Suffer from this phenomenon and some athletes, e.g. weightlifters, when you raise the bar, always grinding, and this habit is fixed on the subconscious level. Bruxism leads to abrasion of teeth, even change the configuration of the face (nasolabial folds become more pronounced). May experience headaches and ear pain.

Therefore, the bruxism you need to find out the cause and solve the problem. If cannot be corrected, save the teeth can special mouth guard.


Floss can damage the gums. Of course, if the leftover food stuck between the teeth and on the other they are not removed, then use a wooden magic wand. But if pick your teeth permanently without the need, eventually collapse of the tooth-gingival connection (the ligament that holds the tooth). The result is a pocket, the gums will start in a “sit down”, and the tooth may fall out. In addition, injury to the gums with a sharp tip of a dirty toothpick can lead to the ingress of bacteria into the wound, and inflammation.

So use a toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss or special brushes and floss to keep only for the most extreme cases.

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