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Effective ways of dealing with morning sickness: top 7 tips

Действенные способы борьбы с токсикозом: топ-7 советовMorning sickness starts usually at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the best thing that can happen in the life of the couple people in love! But so inherent nature, that before birth all the worries fall on the shoulders of women and men can participate only after the appearance of a small miracle to light.

The woman learns of the pregnancy usually in the second month and approximately the same period starts, not very pleasant moments in her life. On the one hand, it is necessary to rejoice that in the body develops a small life, but, on the other hand, this is sometimes not enough forces.

To get better acquainted with the woman’s body list the signs of pregnancy and take a closer look at one of them.

Signs of pregnancy:

• A delay period;
• Fatigue;
• Drowsiness;
• Temper;
• Tearfulness;
• Nervousness;
• Morning sickness;

All of the above can not be called pleasant phenomenon, but most of all inconveniences for girls delivers that last point – that terrible word “toxemia”.

Morning sickness is a natural reaction during pregnancy, the body only understand and start to adapt to a new organism growing in it. Every woman he runs on his own. One feels only a slight morning nausea, which is easy to suppress by an effort of will, and for some it’s a real test of strength!

We must remember that by the end of the first trimester the morning sickness will end and you can calmly prepare for the birth and rejoice at a new life.

It is also possible, if not completely solve the problem of morning sickness, it is noticeable to reduce it. Below are 7 tips to pregnant women to combat morning sickness.

Light food

There should only easily digestible food, should give up fatty, spicy, smoked and fried, since these foods heavy on the stomach, this means that, most likely, he will reject her.


Every morning is to drink a glass of water with lemon and honey. Firstly, it will protect the body from dehydration and replenish water and salt balance after sleep. And secondly if it happens is vomiting, then the body would be easier to separate from water than from food. And after cleansing, the stomach more likely to give the possibility to have Breakfast light porridge.


Listening to the body, you can catch the moment when the nausea recedes and in a moment it would be good if at hand was a dried fruit and nuts for snacking.

Small portions

It is better not to overload the stomach from the large amount of food, you must eat frequently and small portions.

Rest after eating

After the girl ate she should lie down for at least 10 minutes, in horizontal position is less likely that the stomach will not accept food.

No hasty nutrition

Forget about fast food and a variety of fast food and absolutely can not “catch on the fly”. This causes harm to the woman’s body, and the immature body of the fetus and likely for a long time so food won’t linger in the digestive tract.

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