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Drones will protect Eurotunnel from migrants

Беспилотники защитят Евротоннель от мигрантов

Keep track of migrants seeking to enter through Eurotunnel to the UK, will now and air. According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the company Eurotunnel included in the protection of two unmanned aerial vehicles with thermal imagers.

According to CEO Jacques Gunna, they will patrol an area of 650 hectares, to track any attempts of penetration into the tunnel from France. “These innovative devices, capable of flying at an altitude of 150 meters even in poor weather conditions and at night, will allow to patrol half of the area,” he said Gounon. According to him, the machines can stay in the air for a few hours and, if necessary, to hang over the interest of the operator place, not viewed with any of the 500 video cameras.

UAVS are designed to facilitate the work of the 300 guards, exercising control over the territory adjacent to the tunnel, and also help them to react faster in the event of threats to the lives of migrants and the safety of the tunnel.

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