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Doctors told about the deadly dangers of watermelon

Медики рассказали о смертельной опасности арбузовExperts told why the poisoning watermelon is very dangerous.

Poisoning watermelon is most often associated with the contained nitrates. They are contained in fertilizers, which are generously enrich the soil to accelerate growth and ripening. A sign of increased nitrates can serve as an intense red color, yellowish or brown fiber and pulp from the peel, the smooth, “polished” slice, whereas the “real” watermelon he krupinski.

Affordable way to check at home is to lower the pulp of watermelon in a glass of water and grind.If the watermelon is good, the water is turbid, and not stained in pink or red. The second group of poisoning is the fault of the buyers! Buying a watermelon, many do it on the neckline. And for good reason. Watermelons grow on the ground, not transported under sterile conditions. Dirty hands of collectors, porters and vendors, a dirty knife, exposure to air, spilled juice from a cracked watermelon is not only attracts wasps and flies, but also becomes a medium for active growth of microorganisms, give the warm season, store bought and incised watermelon out of the fridge, etc. As a result, the prospect of catching an intestinal infection, up to dysentery.

Signs of poisoning watermelon. The first signs of poisoning of watermelon appear through a few hours after eating – fatigue, severe headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; in some cases there may be fever, tremors and aching joints. Especially dangerous vysokovitaminnye vegetables for children under 1 year and breastfeeding mothers.

Protivovirusnye mechanisms in children are formed only to one year, and the mother’s milk does not create serious barriers for nitrate. Compounding the situation is that watermelon is consumed at once in large quantities, respectively, and the concentration of toxic substances shock.

It turns out that in that case, if a person eats at one time very much safe even watermelons, toxic poisoning comes from eating “too much” of nitrates. In case of poisoning, before the arrival of the medical team it is necessary to drink plenty of water to induce vomiting. In addition to poisoning watermelon can be dangerous in the presence of chronic diseases (kidney stones, diabetes, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, prostate adenoma, pyelonephritis, post-operative adhesions, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease). With great caution should be used in colic and diarrhea, the elderly, and flatulence.

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