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Dmitry Kolyadenko spoke about the gift of Irina Bilyk

Дмитрий Коляденко рассказал о подарке малышу Ирины БилыкKolyadenko said that gave the child of Irina Bilyk.

Popular Ukrainian showman Dmytro koliadenko told, what gift did baby singer Irina Bilyk.

After parting Irina Bilyk and Dmytro Kolyadenko maintains friendly relations. In an interview with Katya Osadchaya for a social life admitted by the choreographer.

“She doesn’t have the former, we are like relatives. Thank God we made up and did it, I think Bilicka“, – said Dmitry Kolyadenko.

Showman also said that personally acquainted with a current spouse star. According to Dmitry, they met at a party in honor of the christening of the little son of Irene Tabriz. And as a gift for a child of the star couple donated money.

“Ira wanted to Tarisio bought such a special chair that he was sitting there, eating and happy“, – said the showman.

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