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Croatia: a small Sunny country for a big trip. Photo

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. ФотоCroatia is a tourist destination that is increasingly gaining momentum.

Amazing and breathtaking destination for holidays: Croatia is rapidly gaining popularity among travelers. Once visiting its resorts, You will want to come back here every year.

You can bring a lot of reasons why a trip to Croatia should be a priority in your list of tourist. What is so unique about this country? Imagine numerous waterfalls, turquoise sea with crystal clear water, incredible music festivals, beautiful architecture, delicious cuisine and upscale resorts.

Don’t forget about the gorgeous secluded beaches and caves that have not managed to attract mass tourists. And let’s not even one tenth of the entire list, I present 11 reasons to visit Croatia.

Music festivals

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Croatia – the birthplace of incredible music festivals, quickly gaining popularity and fame new, unspoilt Ibiza. Croatia holds exclusive music festivals world-class with leading artists and a perfect atmosphere.

If You want to schedule your trip to Croatia during any of the festivals, this will not have any problems. Travel company offers special festival packages, which included housing nearby, tickets and airport transfer.

You will help to plan other activities and excursions – in addition to the festival fun you can swim in pristine lakes, sunbathe on the best beaches and to see popular attractions.

Natural wonders

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

In Croatia you can find the most incredible natural wonders of the world. National Park Krka is a bright Green lake (where you can swim), fed by a huge waterfall.

National Park Plitvice Lakes also has an amazing cascade of waterfalls and a gorgeous green-blue lakes. Paklenica national Park offers climbing, jumping off cliffs and beautiful natural pools.

The best way to see all these incredible national parks of Croatia – choose an appropriate tour. The most acceptable variant will be a bus tour covering all the natural wonders of Croatia.

Old Dubrovnik

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Ancient architecture of Dubrovnik is a must see. Don’t miss your chance to see the medieval walls of Dubrovnik’s old town, where most buildings were erected in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries.

From the highest point in one of the castles with amazing views of the bright blue Adriatic sea and the spectacular architecture of the city, where they filmed many episodes of the famous series “Game of Thrones”. Famous hotel Prijeko Palace offers fortunate travellers a charming room in a religious house built in 1470.

The Palace has partnered with multiple art galleries, devoting his hotel room famous artists. Stay in this hotel – a truly unique experience and one of the many reasons why you should go to Croatia.

Mysterious caves

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Croatia is famous for its caves, among which especially valuable are the mysterious Green and Blue caves off the coast of Hvar. To get to Hvar the easiest of Dubrovnik is only a couple of hours on the ferry and You’re there.

On arrival in Hvar, you need to rent a boat with a guide and explore. In the Green cave daredevils can jump from the top of the cliff and to swim inside the cave. Swim in the blue cave is prohibited, but will be able to see a surreal bright blue water and make its background a great photo.

Secluded beaches

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Caves are not the only treasures that await You in Croatia. Gorgeous secluded beaches (such as Stiniva) is also available on the boat near the caves.

Some companies offer day tours, including both cave and later relax on the beach of the Gulf of Stiniva. What is he so incredible?

It is hidden from common eyes, unknown, Croatia – a beautiful beach in a secluded Bay surrounded by high cliffs, with the transparent green water in which you have ever dreamed of swimming. The beach was formed directly on the smooth white rocks, where it is very pleasant to lie down and sunbathe.

Incredible resorts

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Tourism in Croatia is able to drive you crazy. For example, the hotel Amfora in Hvar one of the most beautiful pools in Croatia. Such a pool – a rarity even for the most luxurious resorts in the world.

The highlight of the complex is a cascading waterfall, private cabanas, a stylish bar on the water and the above mentioned panoramic pool. In the ownership of the property is a magnificent beach, Amfora is the most popular beach in Hvar. Room Amphorae also have a contemporary design and beautiful views.

Croatian wine

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

Croatia has the perfect winemaking climate, it is not surprising that there do a great wine. Most of the range is available at an average price of$ 4 per bottle, but the taste of the drink is not inferior to the best wineries of the world.

Croatia grows a special kind of local grapes, so the taste of the drink is unique and speaks for itself. The hotel Boskinak on the Island of Pag offers you insight into the process of production and grape growing, because when it comes to amazing secrets of Croatia – wine is arguably one of them.

Croatian cuisine

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

It is no secret that the Mediterranean cuisine is delicious and healthy, but Croatia offers Mediterranean cuisine with a special twist. For example, Croatia has a wonderful Pag cheese, which you’ve never heard of.

It is made on the island of Pag, where heavy winds are spreading everywhere the delicious salt of the Adriatic sea everywhere. The salt falls onto the vegetation, where sheep graze. This gives sheep’s milk a special touch, allowing you to make him one of the best cheeses in the world.

The climate of Croatia is also ideal for the cultivation of olives and production of olive oil. Some olive trees in Croatia for more than 1,600 years!

Most restaurants will offer You fresh bread with Croatian olive oil as a starter, after that you may want to try the main dish – so delicious.

Night life

Хорватия: маленькая солнечная страна для большого путешествия. Фото

From the incredible music festivals on the Island of Pag for noisy parties in Hvar – Croatia has many interesting offers when it comes to nightlife.

Even if just strolling around the charming city streets Gwary, you’re sure to find something interesting to your taste. Among the trendiest places allocated Central Park Club with high energy and amazing live music.

Using a boat taxi ride to the night club Carpe diem. “Island Palmisan” near the shore Huari always noisy and Packed to capacity – you can have a good time and drink.

If You stayed on the main island of Hvar – Beach club Hula Hula right next to the Amfora hotel will enjoy the luxurious sofas, exotic cocktails and professional DJs.

The Climate Of Croatia

Croatia is one of the sunniest countries in the world with more than 2,600 hours of sunshine per year. Beautiful turquoise Adriatic sea has a high salt content – it is easy to swim and relax.

Numerous boat tours are the best way to see numerous Islands of Croatia (Hvar, Dubrovnik, Pag and other), mysterious caves and bays. Prices in Croatia is still lower than in many other European tourist countries. This will allow you to relax in a European country and it is very good save.

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