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Created unique neckband headphones

Созданы уникальные наушники с шейным ободомThe company Jabra has created a unique headphone.

The company Jabra has introduced wireless headphones that work equally well for receiving phone calls, and to meet musical needs.

Wireless headphones Halo Smart looks virtually indistinguishable from many other headphones with neckband. The device communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth Protocol. According to Jabra, its new headphones include the battery, providing 15 hours of continuous music listening or 17 hours of calls. Halo Smart equipped with 10 mm drivers.

When you call vibrate headphones, one earpiece can be disconnected from the other and use it to answer the call. Other features include Halo, Smart noise reduction technology and a dedicated button to activate voice assistants Siri and Google Now. Headphones support sound calendar, email, text, and notifications from social networks on the Android devices.

Until the end of the month, Smart Halo should go on sale in the trading network Best Buy in silver. In July the same on the official Jabra website will be available and black colours. The cost of headphones is $79.99.

Созданы уникальные наушники с шейным ободом
Созданы уникальные наушники с шейным ободом

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