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Created robot Butler for smart homes

Создан робот-дворецкий для "умного" домаSmart building owners will have to serve a robot Butler.

Scientists have created social work. Researchers from Cornell University, together with representatives of the company SK Telecom has developed a prototype robot that is designed for tactile control elements of the smart home.

Robot called Vyo looks very much like the ordinary table lamp with a movable “head”, the camera and display. The user can interact with Vyo with a special screen and the plastic physical icons that like if called “financemy”. Fiance denote a particular system or home device.

For example, assume that the red “fidanka” will control the heating system in the house. If it is put on the stand, the robot camera detects it and turns on the heating. Moving it on the stand you can adjust the temperature (or brightness, if ficance” is responsible for controlling the lights in the house). To turn the device off, it is necessary to remove the icon from the stand.

If the device or the system of “smart home” will break the robot starts nervously “look” in all directions, to attract the attention of the owner.

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