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Consumers can complain to the Bank of Russia

Потребители смогут жаловаться в Банк России

On the establishment of the communication system “a Complaint is a gift” announced by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The system will accept from the consumer financial services complaints, giving the answer in the shortest possible time. We are talking about any of the services, which include loans, mortgages, opening/closing accounts, etc.

Michael Mahut, head of the service of the Central Bank on protection of rights of financial services consumers and minority shareholders, confirmed in an interview with “Izvestia” that the main interest of the controller is the provision of advanced services to all categories of consumers. You will need to implement a number of innovations, and of course technology type.

In 2017 it is planned to create spectrumorange for smartphones. It will give the opportunity to the maximum number of users to become active consumers of new services. Online service is extremely simple to use it can even the elderly. However, other communication channels will remain available for those who are not accustomed to, do not want, do not know how to use modern telecommunication communication channels. The regulator plans to take into account the needs and preferences of all population categories when creating a new system in order to obtain a full picture of what disgruntled consumers of financial services and what steps should be taken to the Bank of Russia to adequately respond to complaints received.

Mikhail Mamut, said that the appeal, depending on its type can be sent anonymously or logged in.

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