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Climate change makes the product dangerous to health

Климатические изменения делают продукты опасными для здоровьяScientists have concluded that global warming makes the food potentially harmful to human health.

Researchers from the UN while another study was able to determine that the climatic adjustments have a negative impact on crops.

This change can adversely affect the functioning of the human body.

When under high temperature values and severe drought, inside corn and wheat germ increases the rate of toxic substances. Using these products for a long time, you can dramatically ruin your health.

As it turned out, increased the indicators of toxins are observed not only in wheat and maize, and these include barley, millet and soybeans. If the soil condition is normal, the plants are fed with a respective amount of nutrients, however, if the temperature increases and drought is formed, in the products increases the rate of nitrates. Getting inside a man, they impair the functioning of the circulatory system and slow down the process of blood circulation.

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