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Chechnya and human rights

Чечня и права человека

The fact that we are still mistaken for incompetence or chronic ignorance, is just a new form of diplomatic Protocol. You know, as diplomats like: if they are after intense negotiations reported that the sides exchanged opinions on a wide range of issues – this means that they no shit about anything not agreed. That is exactly the same and when Putin’s press Secretary says he doesn’t know all the details and not ready to comment on it means that the details are well known to him, but in the Kremlin, in a particular case is spat with one of the many towers.

This formulation is very suitable for any story related to the activities of Kadyrov. In the home for such cases has its own Protocol phrase: well, what can you do? And indeed, Kadyrov sent out to the delegation of the HRC – well, what can you do? Can’t force him violently to meet the same Igor Kalapini. Every citizen of Russia has the right to meet with other citizens of Russia. Where in the Constitution says that Kadyrov is obliged to take Kalyapin?

The Constitution of Russia in Chechnya is reserved the blackness Holy, every comma is honored! Times are not recorded there about Kalyapin, then there is no meeting. And they say that Kadyrov threatened the human rights defenders. They say, safety not guaranteed them, if that. So what is it about his words? Cannot guarantee – so really can’t. Have Kalyapin has rich experience in Chechnya, and he will not lie: indeed, no guarantees.

But on the other hand: why do the members of the Council for human rights was going to meet with Kadyrov? I wanted him to know and what words to say to him? Kadyrov is any answer in the face and not blink an eye that such a wonderful human rights in his country, anywhere in the world. You want to contradict him? You want to scold him for something? Intend to raise him? Well, you already told Mr Putin that Kadyrov is a hot man, grew up in difficult times, fought against Russia – what is the demand? This territory was war, and now the world – what are you unhappy? Chechens look how quietly behave! Of course there are some troublemakers who don’t like something, but you will see how quickly their countrymen these troublemakers will castigat! And as these lost quickly repent and beg forgiveness. And then live for absolutely everyone happy.

And the problem of human rights in Chechnya can be described very simply in one sentence. In Chechnya there is one person, and this person has all rights. And with these rights this man has everything in order.

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