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Cameron has promised to resign

Кэмерон пообещал уйти в отставкуThe Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron has declared that will retire, but not immediately; according to him, the new Prime Minister should be appointed before the beginning of October. With this statement he made on Friday after it became known about a victory in the referendum supporters of the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

“It’s not just about the future of one particular policy, the British people made a very clear decision to go the other way. And so I think that the country needs fresh leadership that will lead it in this direction. I will do everything in my power as Prime Minister to stabilize the exchange rate (countries) for the next few months. But I don’t think I should be captain, who will lead the ship on a new course,” said Cameron.

“I think it would be wrong for me to try to be a captain, leading his country to their next destination,” said Cameron. The Prime Minister said Britain needed “fresh leadership.”


“I will participate in the meeting of the Council of Europe next week to explain to the British people accepted the decision and my decision (resignation). The British people made a choice and should be respected,” – said Cameron, adding that the results of the referendum there is no doubt.

“I think in October at the conservative party conference shall be determined by the new candidate,” added Cameron.

“Now we need to prepare for negotiations with the EU, it will require the full involvement of the governments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and other regions of the country,” said Cameron.

As stated earlier Friday, the head of the foreign office, Philip Hammond, Cameron has made clear, costaneda at his post and carry out the will of the people whatever the outcome of the referendum on leaving the European Union.

Supporters of a British exit from the European Union won on Thursday held a referendum; as evidenced by the final results, published after processing of ballots from all polling stations 382, 52% of Britons (17,41 million people) voted for the termination of membership of the United Kingdom in the EU, 48% (16,14 million) made for the continuation of European integration.

The referendum is not legally binding, i.e. the government and the Prime Minister has the right to ignore its results. However, according to experts, the fact that David Cameron himself initiated the referendum, to ignore the results he is unlikely. A lot of analysts predict the Prime Minister’s resignation, despite his earlier assurances that he would remain at his post anyway. Cameron will soon deliver an address to the citizens of the country.

The turnout in the referendum amounted to 72.1 per cent. It is reportedly the highest voter turnout since 1997, when the country amid expectations that big changes were held a General election.

Meanwhile, according to the leader of the campaign for withdrawal from the EU, eurosceptic Matthew Elliott, the UK will remain in the European Union for many months or even several years.

As stated by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, events in financial markets show that the path that was stepped on by the UK, will be tough negotiations on the withdrawal of Britain from the EU “will start in the near future.”

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