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Called the secrets of harmless Hollywood tan

Названы секреты безвредного "голливудского" загараDoctors told how to get a beautiful tan without harm to health.

Want to get a nice tan without harm to themselves – to protect special means! Especially careful with the sun should be holders of light skin, blue eyes and blond and red hair. People with such skin type should use a sunscreen with a high SPF – 50 and above.

Dermatologists advise to use sunscreen not only during lying on the beach, but also while walking. And both in summer and in spring, when the sun becomes active.

So as not to burn in the summer on the beach:

1. Buy only quality products (no transitions or eatery), the best pharmacies or reliable stores selling cosmetics.

2. Do not use expired products.

3. Choose the right level of sun protection (SPF). In the early days is to use the tool with security level 30, then you can change it to 20.

4. Correctly apply sunscreen on the body. • When: 10-20 minutes before sun exposure, and ideally over 30. If physical filters begin to work immediately, as it appears on the skin, the chemical activation takes up to half an hour. • How: Use the dual application: cover one layer of product and let it absorb and go to the second round. How often: Use every 2 hours of sun exposure and after the race, even if the cream is water resistant.

5. You must remember that protection of the body, as a properly selected bathing suit, a hat and a sun deck. Get a beautiful tan even in the shade, it will be a little longer, but you won’t get burns and sunstroke. But if you have fair and sensitive skin, then on top of swimsuit you should wear a long sleeve shirt.

6. Don’t use perfume. It can provoke the appearance of age spots. If you got burnt, just drink as many glasses of water (not cold!), as much as you can. It will cool the body from the inside. And go in the shower with the same intention – to cool. Now your main goal is to reduce inflammation. If stocked tool marked After Sun, feel free to let him in. In General, suitable and conventional body lotion. Just check that its composition has been restorative ingredients, such as aloe Vera and collagen. If there is a part of even and hyaluronic acid, all wonderful. Smear the skin as often as possible.

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