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Caesar – Caesar. Erdogan ataganova


Кесарю - кесарево. Эрдогану - эрдоганово


It happened what had to happen. Turkish President apologized for the downed Russian bomber su-24.

Just remember, Erdogan strutted and puffed out her cheeks after the incident. The first thing the Turks went to meet with the leaders of NATO, not even thinking about how to connect with the Russian side.

Then there was the lie about the violation of Turkish airspace by Russian pilots, accusing Russia of aggression against Turkey, honoring murderers of the Russian pilot in the Turkish Parliament and other Russophobic Orgy.

Do not forget about the beautiful legend about the Syrian Turkomans, with whom the Turks invisible but strong bond. The Turkish leader could not allow Russian planes to Wake the noise of its engines “peaceful” brothers of the Turkomans. Well, a real defender of the wronged and insulted Turks.

It took 7 months and I want to ask: “Erdogan, where is your tomatoes, that is, the Turkomans”? You came to apologize. Now it turns out that you had no intentions to shoot down the plane, and to spoil relations with Russia. You supposedly fight took away the body of Russian pilot in the Syrian opposition, and for that we should say thank you.

Now instead of nationalist bravado you supposedly share the pain of loss relatives of the deceased pilot, even willing to pay material damages and to jail the killer.

You’re a hypocrite, Erdogan, and your apology is more hypocritical than you. Your intent was to shoot down Russian aircraft, but to spoil the relationship you really wanted. Do you think that Russia will wash their blood and will continue the relationship “as usual”, as they say in Europe.

Failed. The head of Russia effective statesman who gave to draw Russia into war and caused you delayed death blow. You, Erdogan, made a few more steps, but understand that your heart is about to burst. Now you beg for mercy.

Well try to beg.

Osmesa damage, put the killer in jail, however, this is not enough.

You need a video message of apology similar emotion with your accusations of Russia in November. You also need a thorough investigation of all circumstances of the incident. Who shot down Russian aircraft, and most importantly, who gave the order? One Celik you’re not getting off that easy.

Then you’ll have to curtail his terrorist shop. The terrorists that you support, killed several Russian soldiers, not to mention the civilians of Syria.

And then Russia, following your example… send you to hell with your tomatoes and beaches. Who needs trashy, abandoned dog?! You left your home in the United States, they now support the Kurds. You never loved in Europe, but after Brexit about you there do not remember.

In General, a time to gather stones, Erdogan. I hope Russian politicians and journalists are smart enough not to ask Putin to withdraw from Turkey’s sanctions. Turkey fully deserved their fate. Why does Russia need another stab in the back?

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