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Beeswax and its beneficial properties

Пчелиный воск и его полезные свойстваBeeswax is the second most important product of beekeeping.

About the healing properties of honey and propolis is legendary, and the range of their application has no borders: cooking, medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology… the Wax is not so popular, however, and this substance, which give to humanity the bees are very much in demand.

The use of beeswax in cosmetics is known since ancient times. It contains a number of useful for skin components, masks and creams with its contents not only can you buy in stores, but also to cook at home.

The basic properties of beeswax

Beeswax is one of those natural resources, all properties are not fully understood, although the scope is extremely wide. The wax the bees secrete wax from special glands located at the bottom of their brushes. Actively produce the young bees wax. At the age of twenty days this ability is gradually lost. Bees use the product for the construction of cells and the preservation of other nutrients that they produce. The substance has a very complex composition. For cosmetic industry it is important that it is rich in vitamin A, essential for nourishing and healing the skin.

For thousands of years, humanity has not yet found any method of artificial synthesis of wax. Today can only clean the wax from honey and other impurities in a commercial way. This cleared the wax used in cosmetics.

The chemical composition of the wax refers to a solid lipid and contains in its composition of more than thirty chemical substances, among which hydrocarbons and esters. Already at a temperature of thirty five degrees, the wax becomes plastic. It is not soluble in water, alcohol dissolves bad. Soluble in essential oils, fats, ether, and turpentine.

Wax in cosmetic products

The use of beeswax in cosmetics is based on its anti-inflammatory, softening and antibacterial properties. The wax is neutral and does not react with other ingredients, so it is actively used as a viscous preservative sustainable basis for ointments and creams. This product of bees has a very rare and useful property of: forming on the skin a protective layer that protects it from drying out, he at the same time does not clog pores. After applying the wax, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, becomes healthy and fresh. Products that contain this ingredient, well heal small skin damage: scratches, burns, abrasions, inflammation

In cosmetology used yellow wax, because it is rich in vitamin A, which is destroyed by bleaching. All cosmetics based wax or its contents can be divided into the following groups:

Creams for face and body for various purposes, in which beeswax plays a role basis.
Cleansing lotions.
The creams protecting from ultraviolet radiation.
Creams for the face and body.
Means for nails of hands and feet.
Ointment to remove calluses and corns.
Lipsticks and lip balms.
Remedies for hair removal.

How to make creams and masks made of wax with your hands

On the basis of beeswax can be prepared means to care for the skin on their own. It is necessary to remember some simple rules:

You can’t melt the wax in a metal container, because the fatty acids contained in the wax react with some metals forming harmful salts. Therefore, it is recommended to use an enamel, glass or wooden utensils.

For convenience, the wax is rubbed on a grater or a knife to make small chips.
Wax has a long shelf life even at room temperature.

The components that you add to the wax must be heated so that the wax in contact with them started to congeal.

To prepare the cream-mask for aging skin that easily smoothes out small wrinkles, you need to melt in a water bath for one teaspoon of wax, honey, oils of wheat germ and one tablespoon of rosehip oil. Then, the resulting mixture to combine with two tablespoons of onion juice. The composition of the mix directly into a water bath, and then beat with a mixer. Still warm, but not hot, the cream should be applied on the face and leave for half an hour. Then all that is not absorbed into the skin, remove with a paper towel. If skin is oily, instead of onion juice you need to use lemon.

For dry chapped skin recommended for delicate mask with wax. Place in a water bath teaspoon beeswax, one tablespoon of softened butter, one tablespoon of carrot juice or cucumber. The composition to stand on the bath until melted the butter and then beat with a mixer. Keep on your face for about twenty minutes. This mask is good and helps with chapped hands.

Refreshing nourishing and toning mask is useful for aging skin. For this recipe the needed lanolin. First you need to prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of sour cream, a tablespoon of carrot juice, a tablespoon of juice of raw potatoes and the same amount of lemon juice. Melt in a water bath teaspoon beeswax and directly into the bath, add the same amount of lanolin and one tablespoon of oil wheat germ.

With continuous stirring, to hold in the bath one more minute, then remove, combine with cooked creamy juice composition and stir. The mask keep on face for about half an hour, then rinse with warm and rinse with cool water.

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