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Became famous, why this year there will be a new iPhone

Стало ивестно, почему в этом году не будет нового iPhoneIn 2016 it is not necessary to wait for the release of the new “Apple” smartphone.

Apple goes for a three-year cycle of iPhone upgrades due to the global slowdown in smartphone sales.

IPhone fans are indignant, but in fact, apart from the obvious saturation of the market, the company no longer see the point too often to change generation, adding several new features and updating the design. this was reported by “Popular mechanics”.

So this year, a fundamentally new model is not worth waiting. The “new” iPhone will be different from the 6s only dual camera, presence of the Smart Connector port and no 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Contrary to rumors, this dubious decision, as the glass housing, the first OLED display and no Home button can be seen in the best case only in the following year.

The market speaks eloquently about the fact that people don’t want to spend $ 700 every year for a new smartphone, that’s why devictoria will present in the fall of 2016, likely will be named iPhone Pro and iPhone not 7 as would be expected.

This year, by the way, Apple has changed the rules of the game, firing last spring, the “Junior” iPhone SE model, designed to heat demand and to replace the old “fifth” generation of smartphones. Do not forget that next year marks 10 years of the iPhone, so the most interesting technical solutions Apple will probably time for the anniversary.

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