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AvtoVAZ plans to release “Penny-2”

АвтоВАЗ планирует выпускать "Копейку-2"The management of AVTOVAZ is considering the project intake cars “penny-2”.

AVTOVAZ is studying the feasibility issue of the iconic car in the neo-classical style, called “penny-2”. As conceived by marketers, this car will allow Lada to promote the brand and attract to its ranks the audience focused on old memories about the brand. A similar technique in the world practice was used by Fiat (Fiat-500 and Fiat spider-124), BMW (Mini Cooper), Dodge (Dodge Challenger), VW (VW Beatle).

Russian automaker chose as the basis for old school cars – the legendary VAZ-2101 “Kopeika”, in the style which must be aged for a neoclassical car.

The proposed project – platform “Vesta”. And to highlight the prestigious character of the neo-“Zhiguli”, it is going to match only the latest 1.8-liter engine. In any case, for the first time. And then everything will depend on the mood of buyers. In the case that the project will be completed, it may be limited to a commemorative edition.

Now there is a study of the potential demand. However, pacopaco is not a cheap car. At least all the neoclassical cars from other manufacturers was quite expensive.

АвтоВАЗ планирует выпускать "Копейку-2"

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