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Australia presented the Aston Martin DB11

В Австралии презентовали Aston Martin DB11Yesterday in Sydney, Australia, was the debut of the updated Aston Martin DB11.

In order to make a pre-order this vehicle, you must pay 428 thousand dollars.

Regional Manager of the brand in the territory of the state, and New Zealand Kevin wall said that the car is considered as a reference point for shaping a new future for this brand. Thus, begins the formation of a class “Lux” with new technological introductions. The updated model represents a radically new vision of the car from Aston Martin, which are all built virtually from scratch.

The top Manager also said that many serious competitors Aston Martin has experienced a rebirth, and finally the time has come for the famous British brand. New DB11 was also voted Car of the year in the category “Best vehicle design”, held in Italy for the event. Overall, the design can be described as “acute-angled”.

The vehicle has a long hood and a solid aluminum roof arc type. If to speak about the power settings, they differ in a turbocharged engine of 5.2 litre V12 format. Speed to the first “hundred” car will gain in 3.9 seconds.

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