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At the spring fishing


So quickly and immediately got the first tender leaves of coastal shrubs. All stood cold with a frosty gray morning, and then went endless string of rain, warmer. Somewhere in the pauses between the rains of spring peeking sun. And that was enough, that life has declared itself swollen buds, sticky leaves in the undergrowth, with the splashes of fish in the river swift water, swirling whirlpools.

Among the rains don’t know where to look for luck fishing. The off-season… Except to go to the waterfront city of the river, unwinding the float rod and to throw the tackle to Ivanovym the bushes, flooded by meltwater. But on the bridge car noise, city noise and live their normal life. No, I will not go this option. Too boring monotone of the everyday bustle of the city. Even among the rain, but better for the city.

The problem was worms. In the garden at the recently purchased house was not got even the dung worms, though there is a compost pit. I had to dig into the beds, and there is only earthworms and rarely polityki come across. But no choice. Gather those that are. Well, at least they are crawling on rainwater and heat. The cold had just ended.

Time bleak

Far not to climb. Stopped at the bridge over the Small Kokshaga, below the city, near the bypass road in Kokshaysk. A lot of water. The coast and the lowlands almost everywhere flooded by meltwater. But right, the higher Bank is selected to a small Creek in a fairly narrow part of the river-stream. Well, finally have water…

Out of gear with a captured light feeder with a short rod, there is zakidushki and float rod. Only baits of worms and dyed maggots left over from winter fishing and kept in the refrigerator, where the wife would not see it… Find out about the maggots in the fridge… All anglers understand me, probably…

The bird feeder stuffing his homemade bait, representing a dry mix to which you add water. The mixture is simple: finely milled white and rye toasts, also milled cereal “Hercules”, semolina, dry, ground seeds are slightly toasted. To create a biscuit smell and taste added crushed biscuits and gingerbread. All… a drop of anise and sachet of vanilla sugar — that’s the whole bait. The filler took a undercooked millet, mixed with pea porridge, almost a puree. Well, and that the bait was not too runny, captured with a binder in dry semolina and ground crackers in a separate package.

Throwing the feeder, unwound the float rod. But the apex feeder is already small shakes, and then begins to bend. Finally!.. First bite! Probably largest take?.. Soon, the arm is bent a small roach. But it’s a start. Soon caught the same roach, and the feeder stopped. Well, small river…
Drizzling rain. Wear a Cape and throw the float rod in the quiet backwater behind a Bush, where the water is going around. Bite!.. This bleak. Here it became the main fish today fishing. Fish bite even in the rain, eagerly and confidently pritupova float and dragging it to the side. Despite the rain, fishing was successful, though not big fish.

Extreme alloy

This year was no bites large Dace, and in General, fish did not take this fishing. There were some lingering bite, but the bait licked a trifle. Apparently, this year again has its own peculiarities. Very high water for this time on a Large Kokshaga. Feeders feeder dumped downstream. But this is only the opening of the season. Will wait for this fishing, coming and checking the mood of his beloved river.

Sitting at their zakidushek and feeders, admiring the spring morning, listening to the singing birds and the quiet rustling of spring rain on the water, and nearby, on a steep Bank where I had left it, suddenly there was a completely wild sounds, not fired, not that the logs were dumped from above. And then an explosion of laughter interspersed with cries broke the silence of the river. What ever happened there? All became clear when we were approached by people from the apparently noisy company. It turns out that they brought empty barrels, boards and other material and are going to build a big raft and then paddle down the river. And while the rest with different drinks, pitching between the case and his craft.

Soon, from behind a bend in the river seemed strange boat, the oarlocks and oars which were somehow under water, and the rower worked them accordingly — immersing hands into the river and throwing ripples of water from under the surface of the water. What did not see here… it turned Out that cheerful paddler swam to the bottom of the boat, somewhere already before it turned over and over again perching on the boat, however, on the other hand… And the show continued. The captain of the inverted swam below us to the shore and there, turning the boat, went out again “, the open river wave”. Now his goal has become a persistent desire to overcome the spring over and return to a steep Bank, where it was preparing to launch their floatable raft. By all indications, this idea was unlikely to succeed because the boat was Chinese and resembled a child’s plastic boat for swimming with children of the same plastic paddles. For the icy spring water, this toy did not seem to fit, especially if the container breaks. And this toy boat did not have jumper wires between cylinders. If that — at once to the bottom… to Overcome such a strong current, especially escaping from the bend in the river, on a boat impossible. And there he was standing on one place, stupid rinsing the oars, and on the rapids it would be immediately thrown down.

– Come to the shore and walk better on the trail. Up Creek without a paddle! shout at the foolish captain. To which he just cheerfully asks:
– Well, like biting?

Yeah, I’m not going to go against such a strong cheerful mood, until cool rower. That’s what happened. Swimming he didn’t have, and we go on a rescue on the waters, but the paddle it broke. And then the choice was not. Somehow when they reached the shore, raking with one oar, he soon followed the track down past us, carrying in the hands of the Chinese game.

Fish on the spill

That’s just-just come with a Big Kokshagi with very bad luck in fishing, and again already pulls in those places. In the last days of may more admire the spring forest and river. The fish did not take. Caught only two plotnicki, rough to the touch, which talked about the course of sarogi close to spawn. But the water is still quite cold, eight degrees. Probably too early for fishing. And too much water for this time.

On the way back stopped to look at the Bayou, which is located very close to road and bridge. Usually there is not stayed due to proximity to civilization, but today decided to look, and how things are going? Staritsa was also overflowing melt water, which with the noise left in the forest. But here the situation is somewhat different than the fast spring river. Was washed hands, feel the water is much warmer. And on the surface of the meanders, from the opposite side, where the water is almost motionless, in the flooded stands of willow, and the circles diverge from the quiet splashes some fish. All the classics: fish went out to bask in tyhovoddya ringleader, sun-warmed, and where the feed is sufficient, because under the water and forest shores, and grassy meadow areas along the river.

Fellow fishermen will not be able to escape on a fishing trip in the next few days, because it works. The youngest son, with whom now we go home with unsuccessful fishing, will also be at work, well, I’m a freelance artist, cannot afford to choose a day for the exploration of the meanders before the next big fishing at the feeder.

And here I am again. This time he took a light feeder with the feeder weighing in at twenty grams. Also with a float rod seized. Did not buy any feeder groundbait, and made dry mixture of crushed crackers, dry semolina, corn flour, oat flakes and crushed gingerbread and cookies. Added some toasted crushed seeds and the mixture is ready. Brought in as a filling porridge of millet and peas.

Feeder feeder plopped down just in front of flooded bushes of a willow tree. Over on the opposite side of the weak. Manger in twenty grams is quite suitable for such thehowtnoe fishing. Put a bell on homemade quivertip, and tackle wary. Quite successful was the design of my feeder out of an old spinning rod where the alerter bite served as a piano string. With my feeder, it was possible to throw the feeder of any weight, and quivertip remained sensitive also, when any feeder. The only disadvantage is the lack of casting distance. Fifty meters will fly trough, but then the limit. There original fishing-rod in length of 3-4 meters feeder will makinesi. Well, here on the forest river, and such casts are not required.

On the left Bank, where I am now, there are good places for float fishing rods. Immediately near the feeder throw the bait on the hook a few maggots. Not have to wait long. Float pricepills and dived under the water. There! Bursch! Smaller, but quite decent fish. And there is a pointer feeder issued fractional dry trill. After hooking upolstry feel the heaviness. And on the hooks — just two fish. Skimmer bream and roach. That’s where, it turns out, to catch something I had even in cold water! Next big trip will probably be to the Bayou, if the parties shall not protest, demanding high water and river currents…

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