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ASUS introduced home robot assistant

ASUS представил домашнего робота-помощникаASUS appreciated its new $599.

Small yet personalized army of robots continues to grow steadily.

Another novelty in this relatively young category of devices was the ASUS Zenbo robot, which can speak, moves independently and can be controlled by voice.

Pretty ASUS Zenbo robot is estimated by the manufacturer at $599, which is very attractive. Especially if you remember the robot-smartphone Sharp RoBoHoN, recently went on sale at three times more price – $1800.

Introducing the ASUS Zenbo Chapter ASUSTeK Computer johnny Shih said that one of the ambitious goals of the company is to lead the robotic technology to every home. Taking into account the manufacturer’s capacity to perform various tasks and multimedia tasks, as well as willingness to always listen, ASUS Zenbo is aimed primarily at the elderly and those who often feel lonely.

Perhaps the most interesting among the proposed possibilities is that ASUS Zenbo can be used as the head unit for the ecosystem of smart home. By Zenbo connected to surveillance cameras you can always see who is on the threshold of the house, and then to open the door by clicking on the appropriate icon on the face, the display robot. To Zenbo can connect anything (within reason, of course) — whether the elements of lighting, televisions, air conditioners, etc. the Only condition common to all “language”.

The advantages of ASUS Zenbo include the ability to move independently and support voice control. At the behest of the landlord, he can buy online, to include the desired appliance, to help in cooking (a recipe for cooking a particular dish), and many other things. What exactly can this robot can be assessed thanks to the video below.

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