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Astrophysics “weighed” the milky Way

Астрофизики "взвесили" Млечный ПутьAstrophysicists from Canada know the mass of the milky Way.

Canadian astrophysicists have published calculations in which they with the highest precision to determine the mass of the milky Way.
In the edition of Astrophysical Journal published the calculations, which say that the canadian astrophysics with high precision determine the mass of the milky Way.

The galaxy is home to billions or even trillions of stars, which in turn have different shape and weight. The composition of the galaxy also includes black holes and planets. As it turned out, the milky Way is 700 billion times heavier than the Sun, which, in turn, in 333 thousand times the mass of Earth.

Focusing on dark matter, astrophysicists came to the conclusion that they were wrong 300 times in comparison with previous calculations that did not take into account the fact that the main part of the galaxy – dark matter (88%).

Canadian astrophysics jokingly say that we now don’t screw this up, if alien beings would ask us the mass of a galaxy, exposing human science into question.

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