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Astronomers presented razor-sharp images of Jupiter

Астрономы представили сверхчеткие снимки ЮпитераThe Earth’s atmosphere hinders observations of Jupiter.

Astronomers at the European southern Observatory (Chile) has introduced a new infrared images of the gas giant. Images were presented at the conference of the Royal astronomical society in Nottingham.

Images were obtained using the VISIR instrument of the Very large telescope. Scientists try to create maps of the planet in high resolution, allowing to better understand the structure of the atmosphere of Jupiter and to define more clearly the goals and objectives of “Juno”.

To create maps of Jupiter took several telescopes, including the Chilean and Hawaiian, as well as the help of Amateur astronomers from around the world. The pictures not only show the state of the planet, but all the changes in the gas giant’s atmosphere directly before the output of the automatic interplanetary station “Juno orbiting Jupiter in July 2016.

Scientists say that the Earth’s atmosphere hinders observations of Jupiter using ground-based telescopes. This problem was solved through the technique of “lucky” shots: they have made thousands of shots in burst mode and then chose the best (least affected by the atmospheric turbulence) and glued them in a clear card.

Астрономы представили сверхчеткие снимки Юпитера

Soon Jupiter and his companion begin to explore the American automatic station Juno (Jupiter Polar Orbiter). The arrival of the spacecraft to Jupiter, is expected to occur July 5, 2016 06:18 Moscow time.

Station, Juno will orbit the gas giant in an elliptical orbit at a distance of five thousand kilometers from the atmosphere (on average). During the earth year is planned about 30 revolutions Juno around Jupiter with a period of 14 days each.

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