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Astronomers have discovered a brown dwarf brighter than our Sun

Астрономы обнаружили коричневого карлика ярче нашего СолнцаScientists have discovered a brown dwarf that can emit flashes in its capacity beyond the flash of the Sun.

Astronomers have discovered a celestial body, which is called the “brown dwarf”, it can emit a powerful flash that is in their power better than solar.

The researchers presented the work at the meeting of the astronomical community in San Diego.

Brown dwarfs are stellar objects with relatively small mass, which is a fusion of light elements, but their temperature is not enough to turn hydrogen into helium, which would have secured a lasting glow, like ordinary stars. Their temperature does not exceed 2 000 degrees Kelvin, so they are dark red.

The researchers watched one of the dwarfs for three months. He is in the group Beta of the Painter at a distance of about 63 light-years away, its temperature 2700 Kelvin and the age is 23 million years. Scientists searched for a flash of brightness and noticed that they have steadily increased in the period from the second to the fourth minute.

The authors of the study said that dwarf many flashes that hot flashes in the stars. From this it follows that they can generate flash using a magnetic field, but cooler dwarfs can’t do this, although they also have a magnetic field.

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