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Archaeologists have dug up new victims of Vesuvius

Археологи откопали новых жертв ВезувияDuring the excavations of Pompeii, archaeologists found human remains and coins.

Italian and French archaeologists during excavations in the ancient city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 79, found four human skeletons, as well as gold jewelry and pre-Roman burial of the IV century BC.

About the discovery of scientists reported in a press release Archaeological superintendence of Pompeii. The researchers discovered the ruins of two shops. One of them was built a vertical furnace, in which were stairs. According to scientists, it was used for making bronze objects. At the second store was discovered round the well, the purpose of which the researchers can not explain.

The skeletons were discovered in the back room of a shop. They belong to young people. In addition to human remains in the room were found three gold coins, Aurea of Emperor Vespasian, which scientists have dated 74-77/78 and the flower of gold foil, appears to be a pendant for necklace. Archaeologists have found traces of the fact that after the eruption and destruction of the city the store has been infiltrated by marauders, who were looking for under the ash of jewels and metal objects.

Scientists suggest that the attention of the looters drew a lead pipe and they didn’t notice the gold. The researchers also found the grave of a man buried samnite period, dated to the fourth century BC. The tomb was made of limestone slabs, and in it were found six vessels, painted black, without any ornament.

Археологи откопали новых жертв Везувия

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