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Annette of “the Bachelor” was supported by Alexey Vorobyov

Анетти из «Холостяка» поддержала Алексея ВоробьеваOn the weekend hosted the final Russian version of the show “the Bachelor.”

For the first time in the history of the Ukrainian and Russian “the Bachelor,” the main character didn’t choose any of the girls. Alexei Vorobyov probably wanted to put a ring on your finger Natalia Gorohovoj, but on their last date, she said frankly “I don’t love you!”. The girl then tried to rectify the situation and to explain that love can occur a bit later, but for now it’s just a love and a great desire to be with a man for whom she participated in the project. Alex felt that it is better not to choose anyone, than to be disappointed again to hear that there is no love.

History of Anette and Irakli in the Ukrainian Bachelor, did not leave anyone indifferent spectator. But the main character of the show chose another girl named Alena. Still, the Network rapidly discuss the choice of the Ukrainian bachelor, now the Russian bachelors does not leave anyone alone.

Annette, decided to hold Vorobyov and wrote the following in his page in Instagram: “Approximately parallel thus ended the season in Russia) Congratulations Vorobyov c the perfect finale! Aplodismentami standing! And so it has to end, “I come to feel”. Someone says that he is just an actor) you Know, good actors are so good that they just expose all that is hidden ) in Other words, play themselves.”.

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