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Animals whose names went down in history. Photo

Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. ФотоThey became famous for different reasons.

Some of the animals were popular with the public and entertained the children and adults, and others — help people in difficult moments.

Usefulmaterial — famous horse of the great conqueror Alexander the great. They met in the year 343 BC, when the future Emperor was 11 years old. The horse was a wayward character and Alexander’s father, king Philip II didn’t want to buy it from a dealer.
The dealer asked for a horse exorbitant at that time — as many as 13 talents, which was equivalent to approximately 340 kg of silver. The money could be to pay for upkeep of troops numbering about 1500 soldiers.

Alexander persuaded his father to allow him to ride the horse with a promise to pay the dealer, if you fail to do so. The merchant in the case of suppression of horse, had to give it away for free. The young Emperor noticed that the animal is afraid of shadows, and rolled his head to the sun. For a while he led the horse by the bridle, patting his arm. And when it became clear that the horse was calm, Alexander sprang upon him and remained in the saddle.

Bucarelli commander never parted with your Bucephalus. For seventeen years, Alexander and Bucephalus were inseparable. Faithful horse was Alexander the Great to India, where in 326 BC, killed during the battle.
The horse was buried with full military honors. And to the memory of him has not faded with the years, Alexander the great ordered to found a city and named it Bucephala (now called city Jalalpur and nakhditsya in Pakistan).

Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото

Full of adventure story in black and white cat named Sam began during the Second World war. Sam served in the Navy and fulfilled a very important mission — to protect the territory of the vessel from the brazen rats. This Senotainia the cat managed to survive three shipwrecks.

First a sinking ship, which managed to escape the brave cat, was a German battleship (a large artillery ship) “Bismarck”, sunk during a naval battle in may 1941. Sam and 115 crew members survived, but 2,200 people were killed.
The shivering cat, who barely clung to the wreckage, which was picked up by English sailors from the destroyer “Cossack”. The next few months Sam spent on Board. At the end of October 1941 the ship on the way from Gibraltar to Liverpool it was destroyed by a German submarine. Killing all 159 crew members, but Sam survived this time.

Samovara that he sailed across the Strait and got out on the shore of Gibraltar, where it was picked up by sailors of the British aircraft carrier “Ark Royal” (“Koraleski ark). This ship also was sunk by a torpedo, but all crew members were saved. And the cat Sam was found “angry but unharmed” in the middle of the ocean on a fragment of deck boards. Fortunately, after that, it was decided to leave the animal on the shore, where he lived to the cat’s old age in the house of a sailor in the English city of Belfast.

The figure of the artist Georgina Shaw-Baker, depicting the hero cat, kept in the National Maritime Museum in London.

Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото


The lioness named Elsa became famous after the publication of the naturalist Lisajoy Adamson “Born free”. The husband of the writer George worked as a Ranger in the national Park Kora in Kenya and once he had to kill a lion who tried to attack him. She had three small cubs. It was the mother of Elsa.

Two lion cubs were given to the zoo, and one innocent baby, the family took him in. The little lioness was affectionate pet, but Joey wanted to send her into the wild and gradually introduced her to life on the outside. Elsa had three cubs, which are fully adapted to life in the wild. But the lioness shortly after it got loose, died of illness. She only lived for five years.

George Adamson and his scouts were given a 20 gun volleys at the grave of Elsa.

Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото
Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото

Seal Hoover was born in 1971 in the Boston aquarium new England”. The famous Hoover was due to the fact that learned to reproduce human speech. Curiously, the “conversation” he began with seven and ten already knew how to maintain friendly conversation.” In this case specifically to mimic human speech the seal had not been taught — it was, if I may say so, a private initiative of the animal. Guests are greeted with phrases: “Hello. How are you?”, “My name is Hoover” or “what’s your name?”. However, sometimes the annoying people had a chance to shock the phrase: “Get out of here!”.

It is worth reminding our readers, that Hoover was an English seal. Therefore, the phrase in the original sounded like this: “Hello! How do you do?”, “My name is “Hoover”, “What is your name?” and “Out of here!”. The seal could not pronounce the words very clearly, and bass.

According to zoologists, Hoover, the world’s first talking mammal. The researchers found that it was better parrots. In this special “gift of gab” Hoover differed in mating season. This his feature he sported in front of the beautiful floor of your individuals.

Hoover lived for 14 years — long enough for members of their own species.

None of the six children of Hoover never learned to speak, but his grandson Chuckie hopeful in learning to imitate speech, which is still ongoing.

Животные, имена которых вошли в историю. Фото

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