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Angelina Zavalska declassified daughter’s name

Ангелина Завальская рассекретила имя дочериAngelina Zavalska named newborn daughter an unusual name.

In interview to transfer the social life of angelina confessed that he had planned to have a career, and then already to give birth to a second child, but fate decreed otherwise. In early may, there appeared a girl called quite a rare name.

“This is megaeksklyuziv because no one else knows. Called Melania. Beforehand we were picking options, but that it was not. But when we looked at it, I realized that none of them fit, so again started to look. My husband thought it very beautiful, rare, and melodious. In old Greek means “swarthy“. By the way, she such was born“ – said Zavalska.

The singer admitted Katya Osadchaya that after the birth of a firstborn son, Kirill wanted to take a break and return to the stage: “I was planning to work for a year, and then you can have a second child. We wanted the difference was small, but a little more than it is, but it happened and we’re happy.”

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