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Angelina Jolie tries to save his marriage

Анджелина Джоли пытается спасти свой бракBrad pitt has put his wife conditions.

Agelina Jolie trying to gain weight to save my marriage with brad pitt. About it write the Western media, referring to the statements of sources and recent photos of the actress. Last year the media were discussing how quickly Jolie loses pounds; of course, her problem was much troubled by Pitta. The situation has reached a critical point and caused a lot of difficulties in the relations of the spouses.

The actor even made the wife an ultimatum – either she gets better, or they go their separate ways: “health Problems Angie so often and hotly debated in their house that can end in divorce. The method of fasting, which she brings forth, you may bring it to the hospital bed. In the end, brad gave angelina an ultimatum: either she returns to normal weight, or they will discuss the separation,” says the insider.

Sources also said, when did the fascination with Jolie starvation. According to sources, the shooting of the directorial project of Angelina’s “Unbroken” follows the adventures of the American athlete Louis Zamperini (prisoner of Japanese concentration camps), Jolie, to achieve credibility, starving along with the actors.

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