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Angelina Jolie said that her children learn 6 foreign languages

Анджелина Джоли рассказала, что ее дети изучают 6 иностранных языковIn a recent interview the actress spoke about what foreign language are you learning her children.

Having two rich and famous parents, children of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, it would seem, would be easy to conquer Hollywood or show business – but, as recognized herself an actress, them the world of star quite interesting.

In an interview with British Radio 4 Jolie said that the more her children are interested in the study of foreign languages – for example, 14-year-old Maddox, first son of Jolie and pitt, studying German and Russian.

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Judging by the interview of Angelina Jolie for Radio 4, in General, none of her six children is not interested in acting – though the actress did not just take their kids to the Hollywood premiere. Star children more overlap of foreign languages in total, they teach six foreign languages, including Khmer (language of Cambodia, who are interested in native daughter of Jolie and pitt, Shiloh), Arabic (it teaches the younger daughter of actors, Vivien) and French (interested in 11-year-old Zahara, whom the star adopted in Ethiopia).

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