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An expert explains how 1xBet brand decided to use TECHIIA

An expert explains how 1xBet brand decided to use TECHIIA Ukrainian gambling and IT holding as a shield for fronting in Ukraine

Tvoya Bettingovaya Companiya LLC acting on behalf of 1xBet bookmaker from Russian is directly associated with TECHIIA holding that develops various projects in the field of IT, eSports, and cryptocurrencies.

According to DS News Agency, Ukrainian political expert Volodymyr Bondarenko shared this information on his Facebook page.

Expert recalls that the official owner of Tvoya Bettingovaya Companiya LLC – which was used to get all required licenses for 1xBet – is Sergey Tsybin from Dnipro. Previously, Mr. Tsybin founded the ME-ESTATE Company which was headed by Yuri Lazebnikov.

“Lazebnikov is a very curious person because together with his business partner Oleg Krot they own the TECHIIA gambling and IT holding. And TECHIIA donated about $60 million to help Ukraine in war and fund humanitarian aid (according to Oleg Krot in an interview with “Karas’”; Forbes writes that only $8 million were donated).

In 2020, TECHIIA Holding signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Finance on the development of IT, eSports, and STEM education, as well as the construction of data centers,” Bondarenko says.

The expert notes that it would be completely wrong to consider Tsybin a nominal person since he has both connections and equity.

“Tsybin is well-known for owning and managing the ClassicBank, which was sold to Me. Dumchev in 2009 (a money laundering expert from the Yarema-Geletey clan, who was well-known in Kyiv as a rhinoceros when he was a candidate for mayor in 2015). Tsybin has his own capital, and he used it at least to pay for licenses, so, perhaps he is not a nominal person,” he adds.

In addition, the expert recalls that Tsybin was an assistant to People’s Deputy Vladimir Aryev from the European Solidarity Party in the last convocation.

“And you can choose who will develop “Russian” 1xBet in Ukraine on your own: It can be either Tsybin, or Dumchev, or Lazebnikov together with Krot,” Bondarenko says ironically.

We would like to remind you that all beneficiaries of 1xBet are citizens of the Russian Federation: Roman Semiokhin, Sergey Karshkov, and Dmitry Kazorin, who actually reside in Cyprus as of today. The company made its way to the Ukrainian market through the Pervaya Bettingovaya Companiya LLC, having received a license for this legal entity from the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) in the midst of the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The publication of an investigation about lobbying the interests of a Russian bookmaker in Ukraine during the war caused a huge scandal that reached the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

Several investigations have been launched on various facts related to 1xBet. They are controlled by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security.

At the same time, the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) has found no reason to deprive 1xBet of a license in Ukraine.

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