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American lived for 17 months without a heart

Американец прожил 17 месяцев без сердцаHeart function was carried out lying in his backpack and camera.

Larkin (he is now 25 years old) and his older brother 10 years ago was diagnosed with “cardiomyopathy family”: hereditary disease of the myocardium, which 10-20 years of age the heart is gradually starting to fail. In December 2014, Larkin removed the organ, put in an artificial heart, and then connected to the last device called the SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver — it weighs about 6 pounds, and takes on the task of pumping blood throughout the body.

The device is designed for patients whose heart is completely stopped. It is worn in a backpack on the back: this is the first portable energy source for pumping blood (informed patients with an artificial heart are connected to stationary devices, which weigh several hundred kilograms). SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver in 2014 has passed all clinical trials.

In 2014 Australian surgeons first in the world were transplanted three patients dead heart. Heart transplantation, which has already stopped beating, scientists have named a landmark event: thanks to the new technology will increase the set is suitable for an organ transplant that will save at least 30 percent more lives.

The demand for organs for transplant is now almost always exceeds supply. Only in the United States waiting for a transplant is 121 thousand people, and the inability to quickly carry out this operation daily claims the lives of 22 people (on average).

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