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American journalist: we get paid to lie

Американская журналистка: нам платят за ложь

According to the famous American journalist amber Lyon is a three-time winner of the prestigious Emmy award, the U.S. government and foreign governments regularly pay CNN for selective coverage of events. Moreover, the Obama administration pay CNN for editorial control of the individual materials.

In March 2011, CNN sent a team of four journalists, led Lyon to Bahrain to cover the Arab spring. Once there, they were in addition quite hard harassed by local authorities, but, nevertheless, managed to take fantastic footage. Glenn Greenwald of the British Guardian wrote in its article 4 Sep 2012:

“Despite the accolades and despite all the dangers threatening journalists and their sources in the course of the shooting, CNN International did not show this documentary. Even in the face of numerous queries and complaints from their own employees CNN still refuses to release it into the air and did not even give any explanation for their actions. So far this documentary has never aired on CNN. Having returned from Bahrain, Lyon said she was “personally convinced that all the statements of the local regime was a lie and I could not believe that CNN makes me to include in my reports what I know was an open lie”.

CNN refused to show the documentary report on the events in Bahrain, since the Bahraini government paid them for the removal of the film screening.

When amber Lyon found out about it, she strongly opposed, challenged CNN. The channel guide advised her to keep his mouth shut and began to examine her actions as a threat. She knew too much.

Amber is now trying to tell what in reality happens behind closed doors in the offices of the American media. She has created her own website and, as noted in the Guardian article, there is committed to tell the truth, trying to separate it from the chaff of lies.

For the same reason CNN never aired the nick Robertson interview with Muhammed al Zawahiri in Egypt.

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