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Air conditioning in car, how to avoid

Кондиционер в автомобиле, как не простудитьсяIn today’s hot weather air conditioning banal may well be the real cause of dangerous diseases.

The best means of dealing with the heat – conditioning or climate control.

The cool air in modern cars more and free of contaminants with cabin filter, helps to survive the heat, especially in urban traffic. However, there is one “but”…

In this case, many people manage in the summer of pneumonia. The abrupt transition from +35 on the street to +19-20 in the cabin, especially if the flow of cold air directed straight at the sweaty person may cause, at least, a cold.

Doctors recommended for short journeys the difference in temperature outside and in the cabin do not do more than 5 degrees. And only on long trips you can gradually increase the difference of temperature in the cabin and on the street.
To reduce the risk of disease, aim the cold air stream as in the upper part of the cabin, it should not hit directly on the driver and passengers.

If no AirCon, have to open window or hatch. Best salon ventilation when a window is open in the driver and rear right door, then comes the draft. Afraid of drafts – use the established system of ventilation and priotkryvaya window the driver’s door.

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