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According to scientists, who often have nightmares

Ученые выяснили, кому чаще снятся кошмарыCanadian scientists have shown that creative people often dream nightmares.

A recent canadian study showed that the more creative a person thinks, the more he dreams.

For the experiment, the scientists invited a group of people suffering from nightmares and a group of people having a calm and good dreams. All participants were asked to respond to a variety of emotionally charged words any associations that come to mind.

It turned out, the reaction of the owners of sweet dreams was usually predictable. For example, the word “happy” they called associative word “happy”, the word “evil” is “mad”.

People who had nightmares at least twice a week showed a higher level of creativity. For example, the word “evil,” they answered with the words “red”, “face”. The study’s lead author, a specialist from the hospital Sacre-Coeur de Montreal Michel Carr noted that the reasoning and logic of this group of subjects differs from the standard.

Creative people experience things more deeply and sensually, expressing all your emotions. During sleep this emotion is embodied in bright, saturated dreams, often nightmarish.

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