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About the dangers of refined oil. Without emotion. Just the facts.

“Let your food be medicine”.

О вреде рафинированного масла. Без эмоций. Только факты.

Through food is very simple to manage the company. Taste preferences make a person weak and dependent. Control over core products, without exaggeration, gives control over the ideology of the society. Today about product killer, which is actively promoted and almost universally used.

Talking about refined oil. Without emotion. Just the facts.

Method of manufacture:

1. Extraction. Pour the seeds with hexane. Wikipedia help you. Not even going to scare the toxicity of this solvent-drug. Worry yourself. Despite all the evaporation – hexane remains in the oil.
2. Refining. What cleanse? From all nutrients for which it makes sense to grow sunflower seeds for oil: lecithin, chlorophyll, vitamin E and minerals.
3. Purification. Exposure to alkaline solution.
4. Discoloration. Diatomaceous earth. Or water vapor under vacuum.
5. Filtering. Then the oil loses its carotene and other residues of nutrients.
6. Deodorizing. Demanganization.

And here it is bottled and called oil. About the tricks advertisers and marketers that allows you to sell to this population, and did not speak.

In the process of this “purification” comes the breaking and twisting of the fatty acid molecules, resulting in molecules — freaks — transitioning acids, or TRANS fats. Refined oils contain up to 25% TRANS fat! These substances do not exist! So the body doesn’t know how to cope with them and can’t get them out. Over the years they accumulate and create big problems to the owner of the body: TRANS fats are extremely toxic and pose serious consequences – stress, atherosclerosis,ischemia, heart disease, cancer, hormone disruption (for example, obesity), etc.
And then say the disease is getting younger.) It’s simple.

Add a little about the people who are honestly bewildered and say “don’t like the smell”. It’s scary. It’s like… from movies about the anthropogenic future where the aroma of the herbs is called stink, the smell of rain – rot, and sunlight is harmful unstable lighting.

Health to you.



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