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A proliferation of “live” photos of the smartphone Vivo X7

Recently in the Network leaked photos of the Vivo X7 Plus is of questionable quality and origin, and today they were joined by images of the smartphone Vivo X7. Only this time it is a very juicy and vibrant footage, which it is possible to discern the appearance of the mobile phone and then experience déjà vu.

Smartphone Vivo X7 reminds several mobile phones almost all Samsung smartphones over the past few years, when viewed from the front panel, and the Apple iPhone 6, if you evaluate the back of the case. This is not surprising: the company ceased to invest in design and prefer to exploit the current solutions, which, however, began to pall. The X7 smartphone Vivo will find its place in the top segment of the market, judging by the specs, but the recommended value refers to the middle class, which is an obvious plus.

According to rumors, the price of Vivo X7 will be about $ 400, which the buyer will get Full HD AIO PC with a screen of 5.2 inch,4 GB of RAM, RAM to 64 GB and battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Camera in the smartphone will be 16 – and 21-megapixel, and the CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 will fit eight cores. Smartphone Vivo X7 will be announced on June 30 in China at the same time with his older brother Vivo X7 Plus.

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