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A new series of “Game of thrones” debunk all the speculation of fans

Новая серия "Игры престолов" развенчала все догадки фанатовA new episode of the series debunked many of the assumptions of fans.

The writers of the series “Game of thrones” debunked three basic theories fans of the series in a new episode of the sixth season.

According to the newspaper, a week later, the most daring conjectures and speculations of fans in the new episode of the sixth season of “No” the creators gave them the opportunity to test your assumptions.

It is noted that the most popular theory last week was that a girl got stabbed in the last episode “Broken man”, was not Arya stark. Last time the girl was walking around town without his sword, planning to sail to Westeros and don’t seem very worried about security. The publication notes that in the end it turns out that the wounded still Arya. The girl behaved very imprudently, resulting in Lady crane dies trying to protect her.

The second theory fans remained mysterious return of Sandor Clegane, who as fans were expecting, a fight with your brother. However, due to the cancellation of fights Clegane is now likely to go North to fight the White Walkers.

The third was a guess related to Lady Stoneheart, which, as expected, the fans may appear in the sixth season. However, the emergence of Berik Dondarrion this week, it seems, put an end to these hopes. In the book, Dondarrion gives his life to save Catelyn stark, who turns into a zombie. But it seems that in the series this is not expected, the newspaper notes.

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