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A good view of the tragedy

Удачный ракурс трагедии

Favorites the American presidential race are trying to use the slaughter house in Orlando in his political agenda. The tragedy, at the hands of extremists killed 50 visitors of the gay club, a Republican Donald trump considers it a confirmation of his idea that Muslims need better control. His rival, Hillary Clinton retorted that the case of free access to arms.

The presidential candidate U.S. Republican billionaire Donald trump expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims of one of the worst mass killings in U.S. history urged President Barack Obama to leave his post.

Since the massacre in Orlando less than a day as the murder was a factor of big politics.

The attack against the electorate

In the night of Sunday in Orlando armed with a rifle criminal, sympathetic to the terrorist “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), killed 50 visitors to the local gay club and wounded 53 people. The incident is already being called the largest US terrorist attack since 11 September 2001. The alleged killer, a U.S. citizen of Afghan origin Omar Matin, was shot and killed during a police operation.

The leadership of ISIS announced its involvement in the terrorist act. Earlier, representatives of the Islamists urged their supporters to commit terrorist acts in their countries for causing greater damage to the enemy. In December last year, a couple of American Islamists have attacked a San Bernardino shooting 17 and injuring 14 people.

According to the expert of Gulf State Analytics in Washington, Theodore Karasik, the situation in Orlando cannot be considered in a vacuum.” “This attack may be the first of many operations of ISIS in America. The purpose of the organization is to terrorize the American electorate”, — said the source “Газеты.Ru”. According to experts, what happened to Orlando has become a “wick” that could ignite the us presidential race.

“For those who believe the former Secretary of state and the representative of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is too weak a candidate, the answer was trump, who plays the Islamophobia,” he added Karasik.

The fact that the killer was sympathetic to the ideas of radical jihadism, immediately gave occasion to remind Trump that he stands for tougher measures against coming to the United States of Muslim migrants. “Thank you for saying that I was right against radical Islamic terrorism, said a Prime candidate for US presidents from Republican party. But I congratulations are in order! I need the firmness and vigilance”.


Trump urged Obama to resign, as he mentioned in his speech devoted to the events in Orlando, the phrase “radical Islam”. In the social network Twitter trump has shared his message one of his supporters. “Just make sure we lived safely. We cannot allow Hillary to become President. For us it will be a continuous problem,” she wrote after the attack in Orlando.

Double use for trump

The mass murder of gays by radical Islamists, according to some experts, a very favorable combination of circumstances for the conservative populist trump. In his pre-election promises of a politician actively uses anti-Islamic factor for the consolidation of the voters.

As noted by a columnist for the New York Times Roger Cohen, the killer is an Islamist from Florida “just had trump in the White house.

In this respect, Clinton and trump, the main favorites of the race for the presidency, to reach the final of the American elections were only one of the primaries — in Washington, district of Columbia. This city traditionally supports Democrats, and it is unlikely that voters in the nation’s capital refuse to support Clinton. However, if trump will actively use the tragedy to campaign, she can help him in mobilizing voters, but also to attract and conservative members of the LGBT community.

Judging by the statements of Republican, he’s going to make the tragedy one of its most serious political leverage.

The tragedy that occurred six months before the election, can have a significant impact on the political campaign in the United States, where the public, according to experts, is in a split state.

“This event offers the advantages of both Hillary and Trump — said “Газете.Ru” scientist-americanist Areg Galstyan. — Trump will talk about the failures of the Democrats in the fight against terrorism, stressing that because of Clinton the United States bogged down in the middle East. Clinton also will speak about the need for the imposition of restrictions on the acquisition of weapons. But she would do it carefully as informal assisted by the gun lobby in the face of the National rifle Association”.

All will depend on whose staff will present the tragedy in Orlando with a better perspective, he said.

Clinton took up arms

Murder in Orlando, Hillary Clinton played about the same as trump: based on the classic democratic agenda. Former Secretary of state, assured his supporters that the problem is not so much Islamism as how easy in the United States to get weapons.

According to her, it is necessary to doubly strengthen the ability of States to resist internal and external threats.” Clinton recalled that advocated a more rigid attitude to the question of arms sales. “The tragedy reminds us that weapons have no place on our streets,” she said.

In 1994, husband of Hillary Clinton, then US President bill Clinton, was able to achieve a temporary ban on the sale of semi-automatic and automatic weapons for a period of ten years. Today Clinton is actively using the same argument.

The main candidate of the Democratic party of the United States consistently advocates for tougher rules for the sale of weapons. Earlier, Clinton announced that if elected President, will be forced to undergo serious check of gun buyers through the Internet and at gun fairs. Now for this category of customers, the verification is not provided.

Among other proposals Clinton — adoption of a law that would prohibit citizens previously convicted of domestic violence, to buy weapons.

Her opponents are Republicans against most of the amendments, considering them an attack on traditional rights and freedoms of American society. The most radical measure — a ban on automatic weapons supports 48% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats, says the data held in 2015 studies at Harvard University.

According to the American independent media analysis Joe Boris, supporters of the free sale of weapons “try to imagine if there’s a difference between death at the hands of Islamist-extremist, which guy from Orlando can be called only indirectly, and the usual white bastard”. According to the expert, the only thing that is important is the easy access to “killing machines”.

Last year in the U.S. there have been a series of massacres, most of which were committed by white young men.

In support of the fact that the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons should be tougher after the terrorist attack in Orlando, made by President Barack Obama. Obama and Clinton have similar views on the situation in regard to gun control. Last week, the President of the United States joined the campaign on the side of Clinton. Because of the tragedy in Orlando she has canceled campaign events scheduled for Wednesday in Wisconsin. They had to participate and the President of the United States.

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