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47-year-old Tatiana Bulanova specifically to embarrass

47-летняя Татьяна Буланова конкретно оконфузилась The singer has not mastered the song and Britney Spears in show “hair’s Breadth”.

Russian singer participated in one of the most popular show where celebrities transform into stars and recognized throughout the world. This time Tatyana Bulanova got the role of Britney Spears and her hit “Oops! I did it again”. External data Tatiana and some similarities with a young Hollywood singer were to play into her hands, but her performance the audience saw, as a sheer embarrassment.

Ridiculous gestures Bulanova criticized to the nines all who watched this show with her participation. Moreover, Internet users are outraged by what role did Tatiana, because she’s older than Britney and her figure is far from that with which Spears starred in the video for the song “Oops! I did it again”. On the protruding folds of the singer in a red latex jumpsuit, it is impossible not to pay attention, so the criticism is flowing in the address of Tatiana Bulanova.

As for the vocal, the hit Britney Spears that all of her fans know by heart, Russian singer couldn’t either, she doesn’t hit all the notes and her voice trembled. In General, to evaluate the performance of Tatiana in the show “Exactly” you can do, after watching the video from the show.

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