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25-year-old boy more than a year lived with an artificial heart in a backpack

Artificial heart SynCardia portable battery pack has tested hundreds of patients

25-летний парень больше года прожил с искусственным сердцем в рюкзаке
To obtain an organ for transplantation is very difficult. Even the President, if necessary, will have to wait for a donor in the basis (among patients with a priority number 1), what is there to say about ordinary citizens. Today in the us the waiting list are more than 121 000 patients. On average, every day 22 people die, and not waiting for an organ transplant.
Fortunately, science does not stand still, so that the mortality of patients can be reduced now. In the US, bred in the exploitation of new technology that can significantly extend the wait time for people without a heart.
Innovative technology has already checked in. For example, an American patient Stan Larkin (Stan Larkin), who is now 25 years old, lived without their own hearts 17 months now & still wait for the transplant list.
Stan Larkin and his older brother was diagnosed with hereditary cardiomyopathy a few years ago. Cardiomyopathy — a disease of the myocardium, in which heart muscle is structurally and functionally altered in the absence of coronary artery disease, hypertension, and lesions of the valve apparatus. Hereditary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by mutations in one of four genes encoding proteins of the heart: beta-myosin heavy chain gene on chromosome 14); troponin T (on chromosome 1); alpha tropomyosin (chromosome 15) or mississauaga protein C (chromosome 11).
When cardiomyopathy heart failure is slowly but surely progressing, so that the survival rate of patients is small. The only hope is a heart transplant.
In December 2014, Stan’s heart still refused, and the doctors decided to remove it, so the guy became the first patient in Michigan, who established the SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver — esticalopram portable device, which by means of pumps and compressed air pumps the blood through the arteries, replacing heart was true. Testing of this device coming in 2010 quite successfully, in 2012 the artificial heart SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver was awarded the Medical Design Excellence Award in the competition of medical technology in the category of resuscitation and emergency care.
<var class=”postImg” title=”https://newsland.com/static/u/content_image_from_text/08062016/5278924-356488.jpg”>25-летний парень больше года прожил с искусственным сердцем в рюкзаке</var>
Device with a portable battery intended for use in the event of total failure of the heart muscle. SynCardia Freedom Portable Driver is the world’s first device of this kind: completely portable artificial heart that can be free to carry in a backpack. Other portable devices such as implantable use the paddles, only help in case of partial failure of the heart, the SynCardia device completely replaces a natural organ. Prior to his invention of the artificial heart was a stationary unit, so the patient was bedridden.
<var class=”postImg” title=”https://newsland.com/static/u/content_image_from_text/08062016/5278924-356489.jpg”>25-летний парень больше года прожил с искусственным сердцем в рюкзаке</var>
Stan Larkin has lived with an artificial heart 555 days. The absolute record for a patient with a completely artificial heart SynCardia Total Artificial Heart is 1,374 days. About a third is carried out with such a device more than a year and some for two years or more. Among the foreign patients for more than two years artificial heart used by 47% in the US and 21% (probably in the US, the queue for transplantation is moving faster).
Artificial heart SynCardia Heart weighs 160 grams (half the size natural) and costs $124 800 plus service portable kit in a backpack.
Brother Larkin also put an artificial heart in 2015, and a suitable donor was able to find in just a few weeks. But Stan had to go with a backpack almost a year and a half. The autonomy of the device is significantly limited: you had to visit the hospital, and in ordinary life, not every activity is allowed. The patient was forbidden to excessively load the cardiovascular system: for example, we could take their daughters to the hands. But to their surprise, Stan was able to play basketball.
They were both very ill when we first visited them in the ICU, ” said Jonathan haft Jonathan Haft), associate Professor of cardiac surgery, University of Michigan, who conducted operations both brothers. “We wanted to implant the new organs, but understood that we have little time. They had some unique anatomical features that complicate the procedure.
In the end, may 9, 2016 Stan Larkin still underwent transplantation and received a real live heart.
The sound of an artificial heart
Who knows, maybe in the future artificial hearts will become more Autonomous and more reliable than the present. Diseases of the cardiovascular system is the main cause of death in the world, according to who statistics, so that the installation of an artificial heart could save millions of lives.

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