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22.06.1941 — code “friend or foe”

22.06.1941 — код "свой-чужой"

Was this a test question, but it still sometimes can be heard: “Imagine that you are sent to a desert island, what 10 books would you take with you?” Books can be replaced by movies or music.

With a shrill urgency to feel this, if we imagine that tomorrow… war. You’ll want to read, to listen, to see, when the world has turned? Suddenly burst — on their enemies. When you need all the power, all the resources, all the potential to throw at the fight against the aggressor.

It is hard to imagine that in rare moments of rest, calm man pull to watch-butramine-senseless detective or melodrama series. Or listen to the stupid plywood show-pop.

Although perhaps there are. No wonder that a quarter of a century Most of the Information Machine has brainwashed people. Someone and washed.

How would say in the recent past: “Today you play jazz, and tomorrow Homeland sell!” The formula is primitive, but the point is there is a deep. Open that in the crucial moments. At the border line. When one side is real, high, eternal. On the other — alien, superficial, vulgar. Will not for example take a cheap things foreign. What, for example, a movie before the fight wish to see the soldiers: “the Teacher” or “pig and shepherd”, “Sniffer” or “ballad of a soldier”? “Londongrad” or “the dawns here are quiet…” And the music? The group with the difficult to pronounce name of “5sta Family”, with its impersonal-noisy empty songs? Or “Here someone with gorochki down” or taking the first words for the soul of the song “Talk to me, Mama” performed by Valentina Tolkunova?

Everything turns out to be just. Enough to put themselves in the border situation. Immediately apparent are different: bad — good, own — alien, evil — good.

This condition stretched the strings, reacting to the good, native — enchanting sounds, and evil, foreignness — the disaster gap.

The feeling give days like 22.06.1941. With the feeling of a “tight strings” country people lived before and during the Soviet era. The Adjusters were different, each had their own ways and methods of maintaining the strings in a call state. And then the time came when the Adjusters off to the scrap, and broke a string. And we are left without measures, defining and separating — the, native from alien, good from evil. And everything was in confusion in the oblonskys ‘house”. However, it came not just chaos, but controlled chaos “he caused this problem quite seriously.” Invisible, but it is perceived in the results, “the hand of the Director” turned everything topsy — turvy view of life, about values, about priorities. The pros have changed to cons, cons — pros.

Before heroes was foremost, today — bandyuki.

Before the children the question “what do you want to be?” replied the Builder, doctor, teacher, astronaut. And today, in the best embodiment, — the Deputy.

The saddest thing about our current reality that the government is acting very timidly for the restoration of “our strings”. 22.06.2016 (pay attention to the date) Vladimir Putin holds in the Kremlin meeting with members of the Russian historical gathering organized by the Russian military-historical society and the Russian historical society. The meeting discussed issues of history, preservation and restoration of historical truth. It is right and it’s great. But one story, surrounded by corrupting the souls of men the TV, show-business, the Internet, the movie scored mostly base hollywooddivas to survive difficult, if not impossible. On other cultural fronts, everything is still in the economy, “the market will regulate everything”. But a quarter of a century we on own skin have felt, how the market adjusts. This movement is in one direction — into the abyss: economic, spiritual, social.

And it’s not the market as such. Things went, to put it mildly, confusion in the minds of our reformers. Well explained at the time what “the market” General Konstantin Petrov. “To oppose a “plan” and “market” — it is nonsense, – he wrote – as opposed to “goal” and “learning achievements” (read: the city where we come in, as opposed to the road along which we must move to the city)”.

This confusion persists to this day. And while this state of Affairs persists today, every man, if he thinks about his fate and the fate of their country, should get our own “stretched string” which he’ll be able to verify and validate any phenomena in the field of culture or art, and in other areas of life — education, economy, sports…

And the best measure for correct settings string can serve as a date-code — 22.06.1941. For many reasons. Main from them — no need to prove that 22.06.1941 — has become for us the boundary line (string). On the one hand — it’s all yours, dear. On the other — strange, alien, hostile. And who is on which side of the line-strings — everyone decides for himself. With consequences, of course, from this responsibility.

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